Laptop not booting up when battery is below 60%

when battery is over 60% laptop opens and last up to 3 hours,but when i am below 60% and i close it i cant boot it up without cable

Hi John,

what version of UM do you have and what are your power settings like?:

I don't have a Linux laptop any more (Trekstor deskbook with W10) so cannot help you further there sorry!.

Have you done all your updates?:

I am using Ubuntu mate 16.04 it’s and the power management window is just like yours except it has the battery mode

However I see in several topics talking about battery calibration ,do you think that it may help me ?

Hi John,

that is certainly worth a try, you have nothing to lose!. How old is the battery?, if it is an old one, it may be simply faulty?. :smiley:

Battery calibration didn’t work. If I open the laptop above 60% I can use it for about 1.5 hour with 60% .i just can’t boot it if it’s below 60%

I don’t know, run the battery down completely and remove, reboot the laptop and let it run the updates. Shut it down and replace the battery and let it charge fully first and then switch it on and boot and see what happens!. :smiley: