Laptop Screen not detected by nvidia card - solved

Hi Guys

I have a ASUS Tuf-gaming laptop AMD Ryzen 5 with vega 8 gpu and Nvidia card. The AMD stuff works fine but I am having an issue with the synchronizing between the two cards. It just doesn't handoff to the NVidia card

When testing the card I set the Nvidia card to boot as primary and when I reboot I get a blank screen. it can't detect the laptop screen.

If using an external monitor it works and lightdm shows on the monitor. Once I log in everything my user account settings take over and it returns to the laptop screen as primary because I have already set using Mate display settings.

Has anyone had an experience with this? I currently have xorg.conf files galore.


If you do a search on this forum or DDG you will find a plethora of solutions to your issues. being they are vast, please post inxi -Fxxz and this will give others more information to help.


I have but nothing quite hits the mark especially where it an AMD Ryzen with embedded vega graphics and dedicated nvidia card.

Fixed my own issue..... install gdm3 and use it instead of lightdm. Now next issue. How to log a bug about lightdm

This is a walk-through for bug reporting.

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