Laptop screen turns off automatically after login since upgrade to 16.10

I have a lenovo z560 laptop with intel i5 processor. Since my upgrade to ubuntu mate 16.10 the laptop screen just turns off ( i.e. no backlight) and i cannot do any thing except hear sounds ;p.

The display shows boot screen normally and login screen too and even during shutting down when i press power button to activate it .

I looked in a video marked as ‘Ubuntu screen of death’ on youtube for a work around, which suggested to add a line by adding an additional entry under linux kernel during grub, namely nomodeset.

My display works as a result but i feel it to be bit tedious to do such an exercise to get my laptop workable.

Please suggest a solution.

1.) I used 16.04 and it worked fine.

EDIT 1 (16 October, 2016):
With some experimentation I did find out a solution. I used to keep my brightness level to minimum (i.e 0, to not to get an eye sore :wink: ) in my 16.04 Ubuntu MATE. This setting was carried forward in my upgrade to 16.10. I increased it slightly and i could see the screen. I feel that probably the creators have gone a bit too extreme towards screen brightness ;p, or it might be serving some purpose i donot know. However, i could start to work normally on my laptop. I hope this helps to someone facing similar situation.

Also, on closing the lid of my laptop and reopening it seems to increase brightness automatically. This actually helped me to get my screen working and my subsequent realisation as mentioned previously.