Laptops are a tad difficult to work on

I have a desktop system and an HP laptop.

I was working on getting sensors working on it.

It was showing any fan speeds.

I have dissassembled laptops b4.

So I decided to clean the fan.

I noticed that many screws were different lengths and widths.

While disconnecting some ribbon connections which were hard to see, one started falling apart.

I decided to just salvage what I can from it.

What do you recommend I save ? :slight_smile:

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Uncategorized is fine. Is that something I can do?

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All depends on the model of HP, age of the laptop (and availability of replacement parts). You might be able to find the pieces needed if it’s worth repairing, or sell the remainder of it for someone who needs to fix theirs (a good LCD can be quite handy on the used parts market, and sometimes a replacement case is needed for someone’s otherwise functional machine).

I know about the pain of rebuilding a laptop. I had to replace a charger board on a Dell Studio 17, and it turned out that was the first part put in the case when it was assembled. Which meant everything else had to come out of the case first, then all get correctly re-inserted. Six years later, I think it’s no longer charging the battery (even with a new one), so may have to replace it in the next year.

You are right.

Laptops are hard to work on.