Latest nVidia driver, can't change resolution

New ubuntu-mate 16.04 install and have installed the latest nVidia driver via Software7Updates using this ppa

Under Software & Updates > Other Drivers I see

Using NVIDIA binary driver - version 375.26 from nvidia-375 (open source)

But under System > Preferences > Hardware > Displays my monitor is unknown and at a low resolution which can’t be changed

A quick google brings me to this page which recommends installing the nVidia driver thru the command line

But I am reluctant, since almost ALL my linux problems have been related to nVidia drivers.

Any driver experts able to offer some help here?

If I run

$ lspci -vnn | grep VGA

I get

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation Device [10de:1b00] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

Hi @art3mis,

what I would do in your case it to remove the 375 package and install the 304 version, I also have problems with Nvidia graphics and use the 304 drivers as they work much better, currently I have no Nvidia drivers installed as I don't play games or need any fancy graphics on my desktop!. :smiley:

Use the following terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) to do this:

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-375 && sudo apt-get install nvidia-304


Geforce GT430 is my graphics card!. :smiley: