Launcher : choose desktop on which application starts


I need to create a launcher (.desktop file) that launch an application on desktop (workspace) 2, not on the main one.
Does someone know how to do this ?

Thanks for your help

Hi :slight_smile:
You can play a bit with devilspie
I'm using it since long time to open some apps on specific workspaces.
It's easy to configure. You can learn how here :


It makes a lot more than I was hoping.
Many many thanks to you, I'm going to play with it.


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It's a very old but amazing tool. I cannot imagine my computers without that :slight_smile:
I have configured some everyday software to start automatically after login.
With devilspie, all applications like slack, terminator, chromium-browser, remmina, evolution and so on are starting on a dedicated workspace for them.
This way, after login, I'm ready to work :slight_smile: