Let's try Discord (because Freenode is under attack)



#If you’re wondering where the invite link is, scroll down, but please read the content below first.
Seriously, it will tell you everything you need to know.
Also, this from 09/27/16 (-5 GMT):
(15:47:46) ouroumov__: Freenode twitter feed says there's an ongoing DDoS attack
Ouch. Sucks for them!

###Wait a second, this looks like an advertisement…
Yes, yes it is an advertisement. But this isn’t a sponsored post; Discord doesn’t need that. This is an advertisement about the group I’ve created using Discord, in the hopes that enough people see any benefit in its existence. So before people start bashing me for making an ad, there is one thing you need to know;
The link at the bottom of this post will not direct you to an ad website; it is not a referral link, you will be taken directly to Discord for web whereby you can then input your username and skip setup to not register yourself, until you are comfortable with using this service.

It should also be noted, this is an unofficial project, with no accreditation by the moderating team and for the time being is a side resource. While this has every intention of superseding IRC in the future, I’ve set this up only for us to try it out.
###@wizd3m has relayed @Wimpy’s approval of this project to me.

#What is this, and why should I care?

I only desire to expand. Discord is a service that is made _by gamers, for gamers_ but at the same time is simple enough for non-gamers to use due in part of people who play games, also wanting an easy means to hang out with their friends. With its easy-to-use interface, lack of complicated, convoluted steps to use the service, capability to facilitate spontaneous voice chat, as well, recently-added capabilities to pin messages, call other users, use Discord almost entirely via the keyboard and upcoming video support in phase three of Discord's service rollout, there isn't any better time than now to check it out and see if you like it.

###The rational behind this project
So far, I’ve set this up only for us to try out and see if we like it. The intention of this project was to supersede IRC and provide a means for us to act as a virtual LUG with as little software and setup for the end-user as humanly possible. Discord can also be used to highlight Linux for gaming, as Discord is a gaming-centric service lots of specialized gaming groups already use, so it would only strengthen and embolden the image of Linux as a viable gaming platform.
###Why is this better than Mumble?
Mumble is a viable alternative, but because of Discord’s easy get-up-and-go setup, due partially to Discord defining most of what the end-user needs and having centralized servers for everything, most people can just hop on via an invite, with no need to know an IP or web-friendly address to join in on any conversation held there.

###Why is this better than TeamSpeak?
Because everything, so far has been free-of-charge. For small gatherings of people, to a moderately-sized group Discord seems to just work with no paywalls or other barriers that stand in the way.

###Why is this better than Skype?
Microsoft has been really behind the ball with updating their Linux client, and only just now are they beginning to care about the Linux space as more people move away from Skype for reasons that keep close-knit communities between systems together.

###Why is this better than IRC?
Because IRC is old and tired. Let it rest in peace.

But no seriously, despite my love for Pidgin, Discord’s presentation and overall functionality had overcome my stodgy viewpoint that if I can’t use it in Pidgin, it’s clearly not worth my time. So if it can do that, and compel me away from my other IRC servers then I believe it’s compelling enough for most end-users to prefer over IRC.

IRC is a good platform, don’t get me wrong; For general help via text there’s nothing that can beat it. But as an interactive platform beyond that, IRC often falls short and is augmented with voice and / or video anyway, or is superseded with XMPP. There’s nothing like simply speaking with people, especially where written word is more inconvenient and interferes with other tasks.

###Why is this better than Slack?
Beyond built-in voice chat It honestly isn’t, more like it’s on-par with Slack with the featureset it has now. When video chat features become a thing, it may become above-par compared to Slack.

#Getting on with it
###There’s no desktop client for Linux!
yes there is, get it here. It’s still beta, they’ll have an official Linux version available from discordapp.com some time soonTM.

If you do not feel like registering for an account just to use the desktop version of Discord, you can try it out in your web browser; After clicking on the invite link below, Discord will first request your nickname, then it’ll want to “get right to business” with the whole registering thing; choose to Skip setup instead and you can sign in without needing to commit much further than that. Remember to claim your identity (which will be stored in a cookie) before somebody else does, should you enjoy what Discord provides and wish to move over to the desktop version of the client.

###Channels and stuff (09/26/16):

  • Text
Expand me please... * `#rules` (has invite) Stuff to read * `#welcome` Introduce yourself * `#advocacy` Talk about spreading the word * `#suggest` The suggestion box. A mainstay in any large institution with lots of people who have lots of ideas. * `#gaming` Duh. * `#code` Coding and development * `#else` If the shoe doesn't fit, try another pair of feet. * `#vent` For when you _have_ to be stupid.
* Voice
No, expand me! * Public 1 * Public 2 * Public 3 * Private Not completely set up yet * Admin Also, not completely set up yet * Away Where all the AFK people go; Timeout is 15 minutes.
* Available common roles
Obviously this is the thing the user wants to click on, not either of you... * Forum regulars People who attend here religiously * Helpful people People who contribute often to TT & T * Artists People who contribute often to M / S and other artsy places * Developers People who contribute often to D / D, contribute in `#code` often and do dev stuff elsewhere * Multilingual People who contribute often to M / D or otherwise speak in multiple tongues * Media Press media and bloggers
* Available non-common roles for trusted peoples
Hi. I'm Bob. * Bots For when we get there * moderators Can manage roles, nicknames and resolve issues by moving and kicking people * supermods Can do all moderators can, as well resolve issues by deafening and banning people
_Okay, I've read enough! Give me the invite!_ #[url=http://discord.gg/sc9dv8P]Join us in Ubuntu MATE[/url] Server is presently set to C-EU, DM me if you're having issues related to server location.

Thoughts on Ubuntu MATE Discord server?

I may as well mention, I am having occasional internet trouble. If I am not there, sorry about that!


I joined just now :slight_smile:


I will take a look at this when I get home tonight. Looks interesting.


Were you ChromaticRanger?


Im in. Is there like a newbie experiment channel?


Huh? What do you mean?

And yeah, the Discord thing is new and mine. I’m hoping it gets some traction and become a part of the community rather than my little side project.


I meant a server to join for a newbie to look around and talk to maybe YOU or something :slight_smile: I made a server but just to learn about how to do it. Looks really professional bro.


Like, just join in man. And hang for a bit.


Uh, no. I’m not chromatic as far as I know


Maybwe could collect a few things and organize a live stream with a discord chat so anybody can ask how to do stuff, we could explain bugs and new features. Maybe even @wimpy or @lah7 could show of some new stuff to come and answer questions.

We could take an example from the Virtual LUG (Linux User Group) from Jupiter Broadcasting. And organize this on a regular basis.


Sounds like a great idea that will most assuredly backfire due to the lack of notoriety our Discord space has at the moment.

If you want to organize something, go for it. I am just setting up the framework so its potential can be seen in time.


LOL, discord would be at the pinnacle of this. The stream could just be @wimpy’s desktop so he can show things. Anyone logged into Discord could use the chat or a mic to join.

It is also possible to set up a Mumble server, but why would we when we could be using Discord for this :wink:


Good point. It’s also way easier to set up and other people can just pop in any time, with an absolute bare minimum of setup. I just hope that doesn’t mean other people can also cause trouble easier, hehe.

Then again, moderators can simply mute problem members and move lesser problematic people elsewhere. So yeah, we’ll figure out this stuff in due course. The more trustworthy hands at the wheel, the smoother sailing we’ll get.


Actually I thought about something you said; Whle Discord would be great for voice chat, for text chat what would stop people from talking in the chat a video service provides?

Is there a streaming service that just lets people stream video and have text chat disabled?

Further, how would this work for Wimpy? There’s no overlay functionality for Discord Canary yet, unlike in Windows where he could have an overlay that shows who is talking in whatever application can support it.

There are some interesting things we should consider before Wimpy streams his desktop as part of a presentation to hype Discord. That being said, as a large pool of Linux users, we can also beat the crap out of it and tell Discord support what breaks so they can refine it and finally make their Linux build available to the general public.


###It’s only dead if you want it to be.

Opening with that because it seems like there was very little interest in other users to even attempt trying it out. But then again, when opening a community resource and making it publically available, some heavy consideration must be put into whether or not it would be worth it for the community. I’ll edit my OP to include a rationale, so people understand where I was coming from when I began humouring the idea.

Having a lot of people there as members who just happened to come on and look is fine, but a community full of offline people doesn’t bode well to anyone coming on. Instead of anyone introducing themselves, they believe the place is a barren waste when really, this resource is in its most infant times.

Could anyone provide sound advice on how to distribute the existence of this place in a way that would not cause me to be removed from those other resources? Further help and more moderating for when we do blow up (as the kids call it) would be appreciated.


I think an official app would be a fantastic idea. Im fresh to the whole computing world again as its been some years but…being the first OS i have tried and even p2p communication application being Ubuntu Mate and also Discord I am just gonna give my positive feedback in support of the application being made readily available (if i havent already missed something) before I’m yet to try the others already listed.



This resource still exists.

I am going to try cleaning up the OP so it looks less imtimidating.


Sorry I haven’t been on lately, I haven’t hardly started my personal laptop in the last ween and a half.