Live USB drive works on Mac Air but not on iMac - both loaded with MATE 19.10

Trying to do some testing as having an issue with LibreOffice on my iMac loaded with MATE 19.10.

So, created a live USB through MATE Startup Disk Creator. .iso burns fine and all checks out.

Run the USB on my MacBook Air holding down the Option key and am able to boot into the "Run Ubuntu without installing". Run test I want to run on the iMac easily which is actually redundant as this computer does not have the issue I have with iMac.

Same attempt on iMac and get screen up to boot (EFI) but no option to choose USB? Obviously the USB works as proven on the Air.

Still a newbie on this but understand that have to change the boot order or GRUB or something like that but have no idea on how to actually do it.

iMac has Ubuntu MATE 19.10 loaded on it as stated above. At this time, everything else works fine but CODIC has been very helpful in assisting me on the LO issue and has suggested running a test off the USB.

Appreciate any support here and as always, thanks for the assistance.

Which models are your iMac and MacBook Air?

Not being too familiar with Startup Disk Creator - it may be missing EFI data to allow it to boot on the iMac. Older Macs were able to detect and start in "BIOS" mode, in case the MacBook Air is booting in this mode.

The other possible culprit could "secure boot", but that is unlikely since you say Ubuntu MATE 19.10 is already installed.

If you were just creating a live session that wasn't "persistent" (it doesn't save data between sessions) then try using :harddrive: GNOME Disks instead to "Restore disk image" to the USB drive.

Will definitely try this method.

Thanks for the information and advice....