LO Writer find selection color

When I run 'find' in a document in LO writer the highlighted find is difficult to see. Ideally I'd like to reverse the coloring (text on bg becomes bg on text) but a simple change of the selection's color would be wonderful.

How can I do this?

The libreoffice forums tell me this is a desktop setting. One suggestion mentions gnome-control-center. MATE has mate-control-center but I haven't found anything there.

Hi, might not be answer but in my UM22.04.1 it only seems to change if I switch to a dark theme. Below is example showing my normal and a dark theme.

These settings for theme are here: Possibly could try changing different settings or combinations of Controls / Window Border


Hi, BWallard,
I found this for you:

This works, but it's harder to get to than one would think:

Preferences > LibreOffice > Advanced

[Open Expert Configuration]

Org.openoffice.Office.Common > Drawinglayer

you may change this to your taste


Excellent. Thank you.

I found also SelectionMaximumLuminancePercent. Setting this to 100 increases the brightness of the selected text.

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