--locale=<language code> not working (ubuntu-mate-welcome) [Ubuntu-Mate 15.10]

So, I can’t sleep, installed U-M 15.10, added all that’s necessary to continue translating Welcome to French.
Tried the --locale=<language code> option to run Welcome in French with my (partial) translations to no avail, it says :
[Debug] Setting locale to: fr_FR [Network Test] Checking for internet connectivity... [Debug] Using relative path for data source. Non-production testing.

But all is in mighty English !

I tried installing French locale and did a reboot, Welcome still in English.

Actually, command --force-codename=xenial doesn’t work right either :frowning:
Title says Ubuntu-MATE 15.10, but when using --force-session=live I think I get the xenial menus… :open_mouth:

Hi @Aluxandria ,

“Welcome” is still in the process of being translated (I’m doing German) and until such times as all the translations are uploaded to the server, Welcome will remain in English, it will only be available in other languages from Ubuntu Mate 16.04 as far as I know!. :smiley:

It will depend on the translators for the various languages!. :smiley:

You can install as many language packages you like but it still won’t change it!. :smiley:

Sorry I didn’t explain myself better, I’m the current French translator for Welcome
I was trying to see if my translations were correct using the --force-locale=fr_FR and such.
Were you able to run Welcome with your German translations using those commands ?

My bad, I wasn’t paying attention as to what you were actually trying to get across!. :frowning:

I think that it won’t work until it is fully uploaded to the server and included in the translation software but @lah7 could answer that one far better than me!. :smiley:

Ah, there is one more thing needed to test translations. Sorry! I had forgotten. :confounded:

When the package is built, these po files generate translated HTML files. When developing, they don't exist yet!

Execute this command from the ubuntu-mate-welcome folder:

./edgar-allan translate-all

Then the translated pages will be generated - followed by:

./ubuntu-mate-welcome --locale=fr_FR

(-v or --verbose will tell you which pages will be translated)

These instructions are also found in the README.

Bienvenue @Aluxandria!

My bad. I'll update the guide too.

The command --force-codename works too, but is intended for testing the Software Boutique. Application installations may differ on some versions. I'll update the README to be more clearer.