Locked screen shows 12 hour format, even if my clock properties are set for 24 hour format

I have set my clock to show 24 hour format and it’s working, even the login screen (lightdm greeter) shows 24 hour format of the time. However, when I lock the screen, it shows a 12hour format. Is this a bug or a feature missing? Any way to change it?

I think the format is hardcoded into the mate-screensaver source:

Maybe you can file an issue on github and label it as a feature request?

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Thx for replying. I created an issue here: https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-screensaver/issues/100. If I did anything wrong or more information are needed or whatever let me know.

I managed to fix this by adding the following line to /etc/default/locale:
(followed by a reboot, of course)

Any other locale which uses 24-hour time notation by default should work just as well.