Login from USB boot

I have a 32-bit computer installed with Ubuntu 16.04. I want to try out Ubuntu Mate on this and I have created a USB boot drive for the Ubuntu Mate. However after booting up from USB and selecting “Try Ubuntu Mate” I get a login screen which does not accept my Ubuntu superuser ID and password. I cannot proceed from there. I need help on this.

try userid = ubuntu
password left blank

Have tried but not successful

try userid = mate
pw = livecd

“Incorrect password” message too

try userid = root
pw = livecd

Nothing seems to work. I’m wondering whether the livecd is corrupted

You shouldn’t get a login screen from the live USB.
Are you sure you got the correct image?

File name “ubuntu-mate-16.04.1-desktop-i386.iso” downloaded from the Ubuntu Mate official site. I am recreating the Live USB to try again

Recreating the Live USB worked. I can start up without the login screen now. Thanks for all your help

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