Looking for a pretty calculator for Ubuntu Mate 16.04

I always find the calculators that come with computers (or indeed with iPhones and Android) rather drab.

I would love to use one that was a bit more flashy - maybe a little like Discourse or modern Android? Round buttons with coloured backgrounds; bright colours; not too many borders. And if it could do scientific and hexadecimal calculations, even better.

I searched for “calc” on Ubuntu Software Centre but got 174 hits - too many to search through.

I’m not sure if I have posted this plea in the right category.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Can you show an example screenshot of how you want the calculator to look like? I don’t really get how a flashy calculator should look like. :slight_smile:

Well, I'm not that good at graphic design, but I knocked up an example that gives an idea - white numerals on round buttons coloured dark enough for them to stand out:

That gives me an idea - maybe the numeral backgrounds could be coloured according to synaesthesia or users could pick their own colours?

These experiences have led to the development of technologies intended
to improve the retention and memory of graphemes by individuals without
synesthesia. Computers, for instance, could use "artificial synesthesia"
to color words and numbers to improve usability.

Here are some examples from Google. This first one is lovely the way it looks like an embossed symbol casting a shadow:

And more:

That's just an idea.

Not directly Linux but maybe this Chrome app?

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