Looking for something more business-style on a 500$ budget

Actually, I'm looking for a system that suitable for my work. Actually, I'm a researcher and writer and also fond of games in my student life. Kindly suggest to me the best options with its complete requirements like hard, RAM, etc. that will even prove suitable in my future work too.

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From my end, I would advise a Lenovo 11e computer - made for students with 4Gb and a Intel Celeron processor. I have one like this for work. I got it for 400 euros last year.

If you have some more money and want a bigger computer with better specs, you can get a look on this Edge 14' Thinkpad - cheapest I found with such good specs :


Lenovo computers are for me the best ones, Thinkpads are the most rugged and durable in time products.

A good thing is also to get a look on second hand ones, 11e can be found in perfect status on ebay for less than 200 euros :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your opinion. I think ThinkPad E14 will be a good idea. I thinking to buy it but this time my budget is 500$ so I've to wait for a few days to get it that will help me in my writing and gaming as well.
Because Sometimes, I bored from work then start playing games it will make me fresh. I hope this system will be the best option to fulfill my needs.

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