Low screen resoulution

Hello everyone.

It is my first time i am asking a question in a Forum i hope i have not posted it in a wrong section or category.

I installed Ubuntu Mate 15.04 64bit today.
After the installation completed i updated the system and installed the latest Nvidia Graphics Driver from the Addition drivers window.
After restarting the system the screen resolution went very low. Windows and text size are very large now.
My screen is 1920x1080. It is set to 1920x1080 in nvidia-settings and it shows the same resolution in display settings, when i save the settings or click apply nothing happens, the resolution does not change.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

My Graphics Card is Nvidia GeForce GT 755m SLI
Laptop Lenovo Y510P


have you done a full system update with your software sources download location set to “Main”?:

Also, I would stick with the recommended driver (the tool should show you a recommendation!) or install “nvidia-current” (304), what drivers did you install?. :smiley:

Lets say you installed version 319 (for arguments sake) and you want to remove it and replace it with a different package, use the following terminal command, obviously; you replace the package names with the correct packages:

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-319 && sudo apt-get install nvidia-331

Don’t install the driver packages that end in “updates”.

I have a “GeForce GT 430” myself and use the 304 package no problem!. :smiley:

See also:


It was okay when it used the open source driver.

Thanks for the replay
I tried your suggestion, unfortunately it did not solve the problem.

Then I would remove all nvidia drivers you installed and start again choosing the recommended driver if you use the Additional Drivers Tool!. :smiley: