M$ involved with Ubuntu

Is M$ involved with Ubuntu?

It's more like Canonical is involved with Microsoft, when it comes to the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

Thanks, I was wondering due to the M$ symbol on Ubuntu's page.

If you're referring to Microsoft Azure, then this would be Microsoft's cloud service provider which supports many Linux distributions, including Ubuntu.

Ironically, the Linux server usage is increasingly dominating on Azure, according to the press.


When it comes to WSL, there are multiple WSL Distros available, so it’s for sure not only Canonical that M$ is getting somehow involved in or involves itself into.

I would be interested in getting Mate running on WSL2 ...

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That would have been the dream some ten, twenty years ago. Cygwin looked to be a way to do it but they never quite made it to Gnome 2.x and then I made the leap to Linux full time and no longer cared about shell replacements like LiteStep or so on. At one time though I'd happily have run the Mate Traditional desktop over top Windows and had the best interface with the complete selection of apps and games that ran on Windows.

Oh well, Microsoft had their chance. I love my Linux these days.

I‘d love to get away from dual boot for my new Windows PC and hope to become able to run a full blown Desktop distro rather than just single GUI apps on WSLg in future ....
I grow up with MS and learned to use some Linux for fun :star_struck: