Machine hard lockup - 20.04 LTS

My machine keeps locking up hard (between 10 minutes and 1 hour after boot) . No keyboard, no mouse, nadda - only the big red switch and reboot will recover.

This problem first surfaced some time ago for me - but subsequent updates seemed to have fixed the issue. Until yesterday when software updater told me there there were updates and i applied them.

I don't think it's flakey hardware as I was forced to run Windows all day today to get some stuff done and the system behaved fine. Memtest reports no problems

Problem is I don't know what information would best help track down the issue (still a noob ). I think it might be related to the Nvidia drivers. But after trying all the options in the additional drivers section (I'm now on the X.Org x server Nouveau) the problem doesn't seem to be going away.

Can anyone point me at the best logs to look for/at (none of the logs I can find (remember noob)) seem to shed much light on the issue for me. Is there some dump of 'stuff' I can post to help track down the issue?

It's so frustrating I'm even considering moving to an different flavour distro - and to be honest - I don't really want to do that.

Please help...

Hi Oldnerd,
Problems you report seems very similar to RAM and swap problems, due to not responding machine. How much RAM do you dispose? Do you have swap partition or swapfile? Focal put it last one by default if you do not create a swap partition, and in SSD drives works better.
Nvidia drivers possibly do the jocke, but after some updates and so time, probably works fine but this is only a possibility.
Pretty sure change ubuntu flavour will report same issues, except light RAM would be considered.

24G of ram in machine. Running a SSD. Swap is 2G.

I've moved back to the NVE7 video driver and the problem ahs gone away.

I _really_think it was in the NVIDA driver