Main Menu & Panel Icons Not Working After Reboot [see EDIT]


[Before I forget, I never had this exact problem happen in Beta2]

However after having selected Redmond style in the Panel Switcher, and swapping out the standard main menu for the Advanced Menu, selected Compiz… All is well until reboot.

Hitting the Super-key does bring up Advanced Menu, and I was able to navigate to Mate Tweak and I decided to press Save Panel Layout (though I already had saved it) to see if it would unfreeze the menu and icons on Panel - it did.

So I rebooted hoping it would be… Nope it was stuck again.

I did notice that upon rebooting OS seemed to be trying to load a top panel, but then went on to load bottom panel that was froze up as explain above. But when I press the Super-key on keyboard the Advanced Menu popped DOWN FROM THE TOP LEFT of the screen as if coming from that would-be top panel that momentarily had tried to load before loading correct bottom panel.

So I went to Mate Tweak, pressed Save Panel Layout again (and it unfroze the bottom panel again), and I then changed Windows Managers to something else - rebooted… Nope. :frowning:

I’ll have to try replacing the Advanced Menu with the OEM menu and see what happens on reboot…

[EDIT] - Changing Main Menus, Window Managers, DID NOT help, but moving the Panel to the top DID. I don’t like my panel at the top, but will leave it there for now.

(64bit version on Dell E6220, i7 Dual Core, Intel Graphics, 8gb ram with external monitor)