Masterful Very Well Done

Well, I do not want to make anyone over confident, but this OS of Ubuntu Mate, or Mate Ubuntu if you prefer is pristine. I had to go over to Mint when Unity arrived on Ubuntu, and have been there till now. Unity, nor any of the other Ubuntu desktops just did not fit me. No wonder these puters are called “personal computers”. A computer really is not a one size fits all like Windows and Mac assuredly suggest, and Linux truly is the way to find a desktop that will really fit you well. Ubuntu is just laid out better than the others for me; like where they place applications, places, systems, etc, and I rather feel better being able to place icons on 4 panels where ever I want, that can disappear when not in use.
Other people like those other desktops, so I am not here to slam anyone’s work, it is only that I myself much prefer the Ubuntu OS, with the Mate desktop.
I am quite delighted and I want to offer some $ support myself to the Ubuntu-Mate endeavor. If there was a system for just collecting people’s change, I bet it could help. You know, just rounding it off to the nearest dollar whenever you bought something could be rather painless, and could very well work. It is the pain of giving that we too oft try to avoid, even though a little pain would do a lot of us, a lot of good. You see giving to a worthy cause is good for the soul; it is good for the mind; it is good for the heart, therefore it is good for the whole being, and helps build and strengthen the will in the formation of an improving character, and who among us do not need to do that?
I have much to be thankful in this.


A good way to help is to give a few bucks monthly through Patreon.
$2.5 monthly on Patreon can be more useful than a sudden $30 donation because the $2.5 can be relied upon as steady income and therefore allow for better strategic planning.



strong textWell all I can say this is the best Linux operating system ever! I totally dumped Microsoft 10 off my computer and become a Ubuntu Mate user permanently. Great job team, very well done, thank you thank you. One suggestion please don’t let this system be sold to Microsoft, don’t sell out! Keep up the great work Ubuntu Mate Team!

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