Mate 1.12 GTK3 question

So basicly not too releated to Ubuntu Mate project , but when Mate is ported to gtk3 will it drop gtk2 ? Is it going to be mutch slower ? If Mate does not drop gtk2 will Ubuntu Mate Ship in 2 versions ? The gtk3 and gtk2 ones .


@IvCHo MATE will continue to support GTK2 and GTK3. It is down to the package maintainers which toolkit they support.

For MATE 1.10 in Arch I am making GTK2 (recommended) and GTK3 (experimental) versions available. You can’t mix toolkits, so if you choose GTK2 all of MATE will be GTK2 or vice versa.

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I have tried Mate with GTK 3 on Manjaro before Ubuntu Mate came out . Back then the gtk 3 version was a little buggy but it looked so good .