MATE 1.12 Released

Just wondering if we’ll be seeing an update anytime soon?

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I guess MATE developers know about the black underline issue with KDE programs in the system tray. Do you know if they fixed it in 1.12? If so, it’d be cool to upgrade to that desktop. :smile:

I’d like to know too. The new version should fix a regression with mate-terminal --tab, as little as that bug is.

Here’s what I know

Its suppose to be released in 16.04 first.

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Trusty+MATE 1.8 works so well I don’t think I’ll ever update again :stuck_out_tongue: I like to see that bugfixes and stability seem to be prioritized over the addition of unnecessary features.
The next Ubuntu release will be 16.04 so probably 1.12 will be available for that version first, and perhaps backported afterwards?

Now there is testing PPA

A lot of positive changes went into 1.10, looking forward to 1.12 being released in 16.04. I’m holding off on the ppa, but have read it is stable from another (trusted) user.

I added the ppa yesterday and upgraded to 1.12. so far no issues other than the pop-up notification daemon has crashed 3 times. a very minor issue from my perspective. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for other issues, but other than that, very smooth.

Pile a bug report . Does not happen to me .

I wonder if it will appear in propose-updates first.