Mate 16.04 or 17.04


A good friend of mine recently came to me asking what operating system would be best to put on her laptop. As her laptop was running Windows Vista, i suggested Ubuntu Mate. She came to me and asked if she would be better off with 16.04 or 17.04.

her laptop is a hp Elitebook 6930p honestly i don’t know what to suggest. could anyone give me a little advice as to what would be better.


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For a newer laptop the newer release’s kernel can offer better hardware support, but since it’s an older machine that’s not as much of a concern.

Do you think they will want to upgrade every six months or so? If not, I’d pick the LTS.


:slight_smile: Thanks, yeah i doubt she’ll want to keep updating every 6 months. I shall get the instillation media on a disk for her. thank you