Mate 18.10: CUPS printer lost - not visible


i installed 18.10 and since install my network printer is not visible in printer settings.
With previous versions my printer was always autodetected on first boot.

If i do a
sudo service cups restart
my printer shows in printer settings and works.
But after few seconds the printer disappears and the refresh button won’t find it anymore.

very strange.
any help? :thinking:



Reinstalled 18.10 and same problem after first reboot.
Printer is autodetected and stays visible in Live-CD environment.
After install printer is autodetected automaticly after reboot but disappears after seconds from installed printer list.


In Printer settings menu click Add printer dropdown button and click “printer
Select Network-printers and select the printer with IP-Adress (e.g. Brother MFC… (
Select Driverless IPP (ipp/print) and forward.

Try additionally if it still doesn’t work:
Printer-Settings - Server - Check “Publish shared printers connected to this system



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