Mate 21.10 USB-Stick starts only with EFI

Hi together, I am running Mate 1.26, 20.04 on my desktop with BIOS. Now I wanted to test the 21.10 release, but it only wants to start under EFI. Is there no further chance to run Mate with BIOS?
Congrats for Version 1.26! Some fine changes and additions.

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If you could switch to GPT partitioning (all data will be destroyed) it should work under BIOS. Typically you should have the following:
sda1 8MB bios-grub (no mount-point necessary)
sda2 128MB fat32 /boot/efi (this can be listed as EFI system partition. If not, that's the way to do it).
sda3 remaining ext4 / .

In my setup I also have:
sda3 4GB swap
sda4 26GB ext4 /
sda5 remaining ext4 /home .

I was unable to install Mate or default Ubuntu on a BIOS/MBR system.

Thank you, Arsivci, for your fine reply!
"I was unable to install Mate or default Ubuntu on a BIOS/MBR system" sadly was the comment I was afraid of. So I will wait for 22.04 to make a new install according to your suggestion. Though my Computer is about ten years old, I can switch to EFI boot.
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I did a QA-test install of Ubuntu MATE jammy ~yesterday and it was on a BIOS only box.

The partitioning of the disk was "BIOS Boot" or MBR/legacy and not GPT, and I believe it would have been identical on 21.10 (impish) though as the release date was now months ago, I don't remember those installs clearly.

Some boxes do have quirks with their firmware somewhat controlling what the live media sees and allows you to install, but I can say that

Ubuntu-MATE of all releases will boot on boxes that are BIOS or non-uEFI, and install to all boxes I've used for QA-testing in BIOS/legacy/CSM mode (but I can only test on hardware I have access to of course)

Of note: there are some strange firmware issues out that can lead people to conclude a live system fails to boot, when it's only slow. eg. . That issue means it's very slow to boot; and if you note the history; the OP or original poster reported that it failed to boot, when it was just slow. If allowed to boot & install, the installed system boots fine & quickly; the live media itself is only slow to boot for the initial install. Issues like this will result in no output for >10 minutes during the boot process, meaning you do need patience.


Thank you, guiverc, for sharing your experience!
Just now I made a firmware-update but it's still the same. Ubuntu Mate as also Mint Mate do not start. As I mentioned above, I probably make a new EFI - System with 22.04
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Hello guiverc,
now I had time to try out the link you sent me. It was a full success! The USB-stick is now booting properly. There is also no delay in starting the System. Thank you very much, you made my day!