Mate-disks gone

I recently installed 18.04.2 on fresh new hardware, and--give or take the usual pains--everything seems to be fine and pleasing. But...I went to check the contents of an old thumb drive using "Disks", which invokes mate-disks, but "Disks"t had disappeared from the menu (though it is properly there and checked for display, and the Menuer app Properties box even shows the correct icon).

Trying mate-disks from the command line, I just get "mate-disks: command not found". I am pretty sure I used Disks sometime after the install, so I just don't know what happened. More germane, I have no idea where or how to get it back: Synaptic (refreshed) does not show it, and a Google seems to give me nothing.

Any help, please?

Please do an apt search gnome-disk-utility and see what returns.

If it does not show install please do an sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility and that should install it for you

Searching apt using the command given yields this:

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gnome-disk-utility/bionic-updates,now 3.28.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 amd64 [installed]
manage and configure disk drives and media

Synaptic also shows it as installed as 3.28.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1

But trying from the command line with: gnome-disk-utility
just gets me: gnome-disk-utility: command not found
(and trying with sudo did nothing, either).

Also, the install placed mate-disks into the menu, not gnome-disk-utility, and must have succeded because the icon is there (and, as I said, I'm pretty sure I used it at least once).

I'm at a loss...

What happens if you run this command: gnome-disks from the command line.

OK! That does the trick.

So now I have a Disks utility; but what is, or what happened to, mate-disks? That is the exact command that the install put into the menus. Is it essentially the same item under a different name? And how did the original disappear? (And where might one get a new copy? Synaptic does not show it.)

And thank you very much for the prompt and most useful help.

mate-disks-utility is unmaintained and has been since about 2015. It is/was a fork of gnome-disks-utility which is maintained and is the current default Ubuntu MATE application.

The application is on GitHub mate-disk-utility but I do not think it is in the repos any longer.

Ah. Thank you again. I will remove the old mate-disks listings from my menus. The help is appreciated.