MATE Dock applet; Anybody else having issues?

I don’t know why, but robin’s dock applet was giving me some trouble. A small snippet from issue #48 on his repo;

I use Terminator as my terminal emulator. Why is Terminator called “Root terminal” ? I use Electric Sheep. Why does that come up as a unknown window? An icon is blinking; I expect to click on it and have the program take me to a window that is attention-demanding. Instead it acts ■■■■■■■■. Not even clicking on the specific window from the blinking icon takes me where I need to be. What? Why?!

Anybody else had that experience?

Electric Sheep

I thought that went out of support for linux years ago. Where did you download this?


Anyway, about my dock issue, I think it has something to do with Compiz 0.8, because I was doing some back-and-forth between a live install and my install, then I decided to reinstall ubuntu-mate-desktop and use compiz 0.9, I don’t seem to have the same problems with the dock malfunctioning.

Another thing I discovered; Root or not, x-terminal-emulator is always displayed as Root Terminal.

Electric Sheep still comes up as an Unknown window.

But yeah, I think my problem was the use of compiz 0.8. I encountered some problems installing it using my own directions so there’ll be some small tweaks to that guff later tonight.