Mate is Stable .. Thanks Martin


Just want to say thanks. I really liked eOS. but it just does not work and I needed to type Control D to finish my daily startup boot. Reinstall eOS or look elsewhere?

I heard good things about the Ubuntu 19.04 release and tried that but I could not get memlock to unlimited for Ardour.. even after a second clean ubuntu install and editing /etc/security/limits.conf to no avail (the app menu was also a little sluggish)

Better go back to Mate.. easy as pie.
No sluggish app menu and I prefer Synapse anyway with a pantheon theme.
That is what I love about Mate. Everything works plus notification applets work on the app bar (unlike eOS which prohibits that).

I decided to write a note after adding the hp wireless printer and scanner was sort of already done before I did anything.
Great Job Martin!


@bksubhuti I second your thanks to Martin and the other members of the team. You express something that I have come to love about Ubuntu Mate as well. Out of the distros that I have tried it is the one that installs and gets you to the point of being productive the quickest. If you are primarily interested in getting work done with your computer, Ubuntu Mate is the way to go. I would also like to commend the community here as well. A gifted, helpful, and welcoming community is another reason why I have little desire to try anything other than Ubuntu Mate on my machines.

Make some beautiful music with your fresh install of Ubuntu Mate. :grin:


Actually, Ardour is for recording Buddhist Chanting. I'm a monk.


Hello bksubhuti

One might consider this to apply to Ubuntu-Mate...
When you were hungry and thirsty, she gave you food and drink; when you were cold , clothes; when you had nothing, she gave you everything of value. Tsongkhapa, Great treatise on the stages of the path. :slightly_smiling_face: :penguin:


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Ubuntu MATE is, hands down, the single best distro available. Suitable for n00bz and power users alike, immediate software installation, extremely configurable, very easy to learn, and stable as can be.

And, along with everyone else, thanks so much, Martin!