Mate-maximus no effects

Hi there.

In my new Ubuntu Mate 20.04 install, mate-maximus does not work properly anymore.

If I choose "Do not decorate maximised windows" and "Please maximise new windows" (translations from my german desktop) it will or will not do this (~5/5). Most times it will open a window like maximised but decorated. So it is useless for me, because I use Global Menu and just want the menubar without buttons and then the program ins fullscreen, without titlebar.

In 18.04 that worked correctly in 9/10.

Any tipps or solutions?

Hi :slight_smile:
Are you trying over Tweak tool ?


Yes, that is exactly what I did.

I set hook "Undecorate maximized window" and took the hook from "Do not auto-maximize..."

Are you using Marco ? or something else like compiz ?

Yes, I use Marco as adaptive compositor. Used Compiz some years ago, but changed to Marco with 18.04

It's perfectly working my side ... I have done different tests.

When you done this changes, did the tweak tool disappeared in the background ?

Can you try to run that inside "Run" and not a terminal ?

It will reload marco, but please run it with alt+f2 - Run and not a terminal

marco --replace

Yes, the tweak disappeared in background several times. Good or bad?

I did the replace in Run, I will report if anything changed!

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Hello olek,

thanks a lot, seems like your tipps solved the problem!

I read the marco manpage, but I would never have found the marco --replace to be the solution.

When I did it, I restarted the machine and it seemed like cleared all settings done before. I started all my often used programs new, maximized them and now it seems in 9/10 cases, they start as I want them to. Great, great, great! I was starting to think about moving over to a tiling manager without any decoration... but now it works.

Thanks a lot, that was really nice help, didn't expect it, to be solved so fast. :grinning:

The marco --replace found now its way into my cheatsheet!

Oh man, sorry, but I tested it a few times, it did not really solve it.

Here some programs I tried, first column means started after reboot after marco --replace, second column means restarted in same session, third column means started after reboot.

Y means started up maximized, no title bar, no decorations, no buttons (tried to put a screenshot in, but I only can paste one in a post as a new user).

This is N:

Now the programs:

Evolution Y Y Y
Firefox Y Y Y
Caja N Y N
LO Writer (empty) Y Y Y
LO Calc (empty) Y N N
Gimp Y N N
Rhythmbox Y N Y
Google Earth N Y Y
gthumb Y Y Y
.odt document out of Caja/Kupfer-Launcher Y N N
Folder out of Kupfer-Launcher N N Y
Terminal Y Y Y

I'm a little bit stumped, seems quite random to me, not consistent. I would have expected mate-maximus just to force them all if set.

Settings are as told.

Are you running something specific like doual screen or something that can force marco to reset itself ?
Its strange ....

Hi olek!

No, nothing specific, it's a solid Lenovo T420, 8GB Ram, SSD. No dockingstation, no dualscreen.

I use Kupfer as launcher (but that should not make any difference).

Yes, it's very strange. It worked in 18.04 bearly perfect.

No ideas except trying the other Marco option - No composer to see the difference.
Maybe some one from this community got the issue and know what is all about :slight_smile:
Let's hope

Thanks a lot!

I thought about this, too, also to give Maximus 3 seconds time to autostart, but I didn't want to go further now (not to break more stuff).

I did more checks now, it's completely random, which program when is how opened. From 70% correct opened to 35% in a session.

Yes, I hope :wink:

Here one more picture to make it clear...

Do you have this setings in place ?


Do you use a dock like plank ?

Yes, I have exact the same settings. In the general settings I have the first hook (composit windowmanager) activated.

No dock, no menu-button.

I do evereything via Kupfer and shortcuts.


I tried Compiz yesterday, it does it completely correct, but I don't want to use Compiz, seems a bit heavy for me, I don't need 99% of its possibilies and it throws around my keybindings.

Changed back to Marco and made a bug report on github:

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I have a sort of related problem - when I boot MATE from cold and log in to my session, I have no window manager (top bar with buttons) - I have to go to mate-tweak and enable either marco compositor or compton compositor to restore the top bar. it is then enabled until I shut down the computer, but the configuration will not store for shutdown - always reverts to no top bar (even though it says that compton compositor is on - I have to switch to no compositor and back to compton or marco to restore the top bar)(also, some programs will not display menus properly until the top bar is displayed) kind of annoying but not a big enough problem to complain about .. correction, the configuration will not survive logouts - so now it may just be a local thing to my login screen, maybe a startup script :slight_smile: