Mate-Menu config - change main icon?

Hi, Mate forums closed down so I'm here. I've just installed debian bullseye to find yet another loved mate menu feature has gone. It no longer allows one to change the icon (it still allows custom label).

I have gone into /usr/lib/matemenu/ and searched for 'icon' and got rid of the gnome foot, which I absolutely hate and will delete on sight, replacing it with debian swirl, by changing the text in quotes from 'start-here' to 'distributor-logo'. Now I have a barely tolerable red debian swirl which doesn't match any desktop themes I like.

I have tried replacing the value in quotes with an absolute path the the desired icon but this doesn't work. Please help!

I am using the 32 bit version on an asus eee pc 700 with 512MB ram, and a 4GB ssd.


  1. Just a quess: dconf editor might help
  2. You can try to (install and) change the whole icon theme
  3. You can try to find icon file and replace the image itself
    Good luck!