Mate-menu not on top

I did an update today and I noticed something peculiar with Mate-Menu. Whenever a window is active, mate-menu is not on top.

This is rather distracting when the window (like a browser) is full-screen.

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I can confirm that I see the same. I use the Cupertino theme.

Only seems to affect Marco window manager (No compositor, Software compositor and Compton…), Compiz seems unaffected.

Just read a reaction from @Wimpy on G+. A fix is coming soon.

I just checked after reading this post and I have the same issue. Glad to hear a fix is coming soon :smiley:

I don’t have that problem on either PC here!.

I’m using Marco and TraditionalOKTest theme on both. :smiley:

@wolfman Try opening Control Centre, then use <Super> key to show MATE Menu.

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Hi Dave,

I tried as you asked but nothing opens when I press “Super” (I don’t think it is assigned to anything?), if you mean “Applications”, that is controlled by “Alt + F1”, or do you mean System when you say Mate Menu?. :smiley: (There is “Main Menu” in the Control Centre but no “Mate Menu”?).

Hi wolfman,

With you mentioning "Applications" and Super key not working, guess you might be using 'Menu Bar'? This only affects 'MATE Menu' (aka Advanced MATE Menu).

Here's an example of the issue (excuse my 'MATE Menu' UI modifications :slight_smile:)

Hope this helps.

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A fix has been committed 21 hours ago, thank you @wimpy


Hi Dave,

no!, I am old school, I prefer the “Applications | Places | System” buttons on the top.

I really don’t concern myself with shortcut keys to be honest, I just click everything with the mouse the way the ancient Egyptians used to do!. :smiley:

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