MATE-menu update killed Log Out and Quit

I don’t know if this is a mistake I made or something got updated but tonight I noticed my log out and quit buttons have disappeared from the system plugin in MATE menu… I’ve got a work around, just figured I’d mention it.

What was the workaround?

I should have worded that differently, I just added the menu bar to the panel for now. I don’t believe I had installed or removed anything between when this was working and when it has stopped so I’m confuzzled as to how it broke.

Ah-hah! We now need to have the show-lock-screen toggle on in dconf to use Logout and Quit buttons. I can switch the two on and off independently once the lock screen button is enabled but I have no lock screen button. This is actually fine for me because I never have that button on anyway. Just figured I’d pass this on now that I’ve figured it out. I’m going to attempt a browsing of the system plugin file and see if I can figure out what changed.

Used to have this problem on & off with 10.10.

Simple workaround is to add the Shut Down button to a panel in an obvious (temporary) spot; shut her down; then remove from panel on reboot.