Mate-panel disappears after changing to mutter 17.04

my mate-panel is very unstable. After swithching screens it can disappear. It is still running but nothing shows. The space is reserved so windows don’t span to the top of the screen. A SIGHUP does restart it but does not make it appear.
Also when using the mate-tweak to change profiles it makes mate-panel often crash.
Is this an ubuntu-mate or mate-panel issue ?

Is there a way to reset it? Delete some config file? I tried mate-panel --reset.

Are all panels affected equally or does it only happen with one specific panel? Do newly created panels crash, too?

you can reset it via gsettings/dconf in terminal. With mate-panel --reset flag the panel reloads it layout to the default state.

dconf reset -f /org/mate/panel/  && mate-panel --replace

Can you do in terminal

mate-panel --replace

change the layout , then give me the output .

$ mate-panel --replace

It seems to be alright now. Thanks for the help!

I was too quick to mark this solved.

** (mate-panel:3557): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-Qk4AGVSTYh: Connection refused

(mate-panel:3557): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to PanelToplevel 0x557f86962660 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code know the size to allocate?

It is happening because of mutter I think. Sometimes after a boot the panel works and the sometimes not. Funny thing is that the vertical panel layou does work if the other don’t. So something in gnome prevents mate-panel from being on top.

The panel output seems to be ok . Does this happen with Marco [default wm] ? If it doesn’t than probably it is Mutters fault .

Yeah, Marco seems normal.

Mutter is designed to run with Gnome Shell, there’s no guarantee for other desktop environments.