Mate-panel item : static label

I'm looking for a dynamic label-- like the command-applet with no interval and with external access to content -- displaying text that I can set in response to state change rather than on a periodic schedule.

I'm not aware of a static text applet - but it does sounds like it could be a simple "hello world" applet written from scratch. :slight_smile:

The Command Applet could still accomplish the task. For the command, start it with echo, and put any text you like.

Setting the interval to a long time (86400 is the max) would prevent it from consuming resources.

Or... if you're looking to have your own dynamic label, you could write a bash script and rig it up to a command applet, getting context from other applications. and echo some text.

Or... a little more programmatically, have the Command Applet to read a text file and create a script that will overwrite that file by prompting for input - this can be accomplished using zenity and Bash's pipe syntax into a shell script:

zenity --entry --title="Update State" --text="Enter the new value" > /tmp/state.txt

(Saved to a file and marked as executable)

Like so:

(Note that files written to /tmp will be discarded on reboot)

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