Mate Tweak doesn't remember Marco-Compositer setting

I have run into a strange problem! If I reboot or shutdown, and then reboot Mate-Tweak doesn't remember the setting, and once again not transparent. I have to open Tweak and un-select the macro-compositer and then reselect it. Is there a fix for this?

If you believe you have found a bug, feel free to report it on Launchpad (if it's not already there) so that it eventually gets fixed.

Keep in mind you're using a beta OS with new Raspberry Pi isos coming in a few days for 20.04 LTS/20.10. Maybe this bug will be fixed in those.

Yes thanks, when is the new version being released?

It just did.
Edit: link for 20.10 is wrong on the download page:
Direct download:
Checksum (SHA256) 06e26aa197eb8e7fc8144b006aab7a011fdd03990b0bf3584a95c36d55546170

Can't I upgrade using sudo apt full-upgrade ? Upgrading I guess isn't straight forward. It means loose everything and start again.

Hi Sparks, you can upgrade, I managed to do it fine!

Look at the upgrade part under the release notes for 20.10 on this website and follow instructions...

(Go to update settings, select notify about all releases instead of just LTS, and then Alt + F2 and then 'update-manager -c -d' or '/usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/check-new-release-gtk')

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