Mate Tweak is gone in latest patch?

I go control center and didn’t see it then searched a bit and nothing. I changed a theme in appearace just before checking.

Is mate tweak still on UM 16.10 latest patch?

What happens when you try to bring it up using the terminal?


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Tells me is not installed here is the message:

pablo@PabsPC:~$ mate-tweak
El programa «mate-tweak» no está instalado. Puede instalarlo escribiendo:
sudo apt install mate-tweak

Ok, do it and see what happens next.

Ok, Ill report back.

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Fixed, but its weird any clue what happened? I didn’t uninstalled it sure of it

Not sure what happen :confused:

You can always check what has happened. This shows the "history" of a package:

zgrep -h 'mate-tweak' /var/log/dpkg.log*|sort|grep --color=always -E 'install |remove |upgrade '

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this is the input

2016-10-12 20:47:41 install mate-tweak:all 16.10.5-0ubuntu1
2017-02-08 20:36:27 remove mate-tweak:all 16.10.5-0ubuntu1
2017-02-12 19:06:32 install mate-tweak:all 16.10.5-0ubuntu1

what does it mean? Im sure I didn't uninstall

You now have date and time when command "remove" was issued. Use that to investigate further, this time digging into apt logs. Remember: history.log and term.log seem to have 2 spaces between the date and time part.

sed -n -e '/2017-02-08 20:3/,/2017-02-08 20:3/ p' /var/log/apt/history.log

You want to match unknown number of lines between "Start-Date" and "End-Date" in history.log, so sed is probably better suited for this job than grep. You get the information you want with one command.

In term.log you have the "session" shown step-by-step (the output in terminal) so you can take a look at that too, if interested. Now you want to catch everything between "Log started" and "Log ended" lines (once again: unknown number of lines) so the command is the the same as before, just change the logfile name:

sed -n -e '/2017-02-08 20:3/,/2017-02-08 20:3/ p' /var/log/apt/term.log

Digging into the logs hopefully gives you some idea of what has happened.

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I found out had a linux-windows virus called PUA.winpacker (32 in Home) (62 in system), the system was kind of slow and firefox missed the “close, mimimize, maximize” buttons. I had to re-install this happened in UM 16.10.

I used clamTK to find the virus