Mate under xtightvnc - want a login screen

i have MATE successfully running under xtightvnc (a virtual X server that operates on virtual memory as its hardware and serves up that virtual display via the VNC/RFB protocol) and plain-old Ubuntu Xenial Xerus (16.04.2 LTS). next i would like to get a login screen displaying there to allow users to login to their own userid (and refuse all root login attempts). i have the VNC connections coming in by way of SSH. i can do SSL/TLS if i need to. any suggestions or documents on how to do this with MATE?

Would the following be of any help? See -

thomas pugliese wrote:

In the /usr/bin/vnc4server script, there is a line like this:

$ENV{DISPLAY}= ":$displayNumber";

change it to this:

$ENV{DISPLAY}= "$host:$displayNumber";

It should work after that.

that changes where the connection would go to. what i am wanting is a graphical login screen similar to xdm. but could not find something like this in MATE.