Mate Update Problem

My Mate OS won't update anymore automatic.

I got this error-message:

Can someone help?

Please go to Software Boutique -> Fixes (last icon on the right) and run all the fixes.
Btw assuming this is German, we now have a dedicated language section.

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Hi @cokeflash82,

please read the following taken from the Ubuntu Update Guide:

Partial Update:

If you are asked whether you just wish to do a “partial update” (or upgrade); you should say “Yes”
as it most likely won’t advance anyway in the update process, it will normally say that it can (will) only update a few packages and once the partial update is done, then you should continue on to a full update assuming that there is indeed anything to update!.

Replacing Files:

Sometimes when updating you will be asked if you want to replace an existing file with a new one, the normal default action is to say no, I on the other hand find it better to install the new one, you must decide yourself whether or not you wish to do the same, I recommend replacing the existing file with the new one!!. (Use at your own risk but I have never had a problem doing just that!.)

Which version of Ubuntu MATE are you running?

Ubuntu Mate (Wily) 15.10

My sources.list:
My Sources. list is not good. Can somebody inform me of a good Sources. list for Ubuntu Mate Wily?

My Sources.list:
deb wily main universe restricted

deb wily-updates universe main multiverse restricted

deb wily-security main universe multiverse restricted

Have you considered updating to 16.04? I assume you have the Welcome package installed and already tried this?

If you do decide to do a full system upgrade, you can follow this guide to do it:

I have tried to carry out an Upgrade on the next Mate version. There came a mistake. My boot partition is too small. I lack 122 MB :-/ What can I do?

Free space on boot partition: 43 MB

Open a terminal and type up:

sudo apt autoremove

Maybe it’ll find a few old kernels to remove and freeup the necessary space :/
I don’t get why so many people have this problem. There must be a bad tutorial somewhere telling them that they need to set up a boot partition, and seriously underestimates the necessary size.
I never set up a special /boot partition when I install an Ubuntu machine.

I can’t delete more. I will probably have to install Mate anew.

Hi @cokeflash82,

check out the partition guide:

Thanks for the help, however, I have no Windows partition and my whole hard disk is encoded. Becomes difficultly:/

If you have nothing on the drive and you only want Ubuntu Mate, start the live CD/USB stick and run the installer, when you get to the part about how you want to install, select “Erase disk and install Ubuntu Mate” and it will overwrite everything including all partitions!.

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