Mate-volume-control doesn't remember per application volume settings

As the title states, I want mate-volume-control to remember the volume levels for applications.

For example, I watch a video in Youtube on Firefox, then go to Applications -> Sound and Video -> Sound, I click the Applications tab and set the volume for Firefox to a specific level. Then, when the video ends and another one starts, the volume is changed to a default level and I have to set the volume to the desired level again.

So, is it possible for mate-volume-control to remember the last used volume setting for an application?

The problem there is that Mate Volume is a system wide setting. But, what you are asking for is particular to a given program/website etc. Ordinarily, these other things have their own sub-volume settings and so any lack of persistence in them is down to the application, not Mate Volume. That is to say, I can see it being next to impossible for the code in Mate volume to be able to predict how the devs of these other application are going to manage their own internal volume controls and how they may make changes to that management over time. In other words, Mate volume would need to be able to reliably communicate with such internal program volume management, but can hardly be expected to be able to do so. Thus, Mate volume manages volume system wide, but applications are required to sub manage it within themselves. An example would be VLC. It has its own internal volume control which is internally persistent within the global settings of Mate volume.

The problem, here, is that Youtube’s internal volume control does not seem to be persistent.

Thank you for your reply.

What I said about youtube is just an example. The same happens with every application that produces sound, be it Firefox, Clementine, VLC etc. Mate-volume-control does provide the option to set the volume for an application individually, while keeping the main volume constant. The problem is that mate-volume-control won’t remember that setting.

In the past I have used Xubuntu with pavucontrol and had no problem setting the volume individually, with the volume level being remembered.