Mate-Welcome-Screen failure

I upgraded my UM 23.04 to 23.10 from command line and get a blank white Welcome Screen on start-up. So created a new start-up usb stick with latest version of 23.10, and deleted everything and re-installed. Guess what! still a white blank Welcome Screen. Is it me??

Hi Dave,

This seems to be an old issue with WebkitGtk, maybe it's not fixed yet ?

Here is a link to the discussion about it:


Hi tkn
Welcome screen is still not working. Just a blank white page. I've clicked in rhe bottom blank area that used to have the links to Mate etc. and some of them work. I've checked Synaptic and Mate-Welcome is installed and I think the Webkit-GTK is ticked. Any sign of a fix yet? Also Ubuntu Cleaner, I have to go into the file to make it work and given up with Balena Etcher not running. But I plod on.
Thank you