MATE Works With Dual Monitors, but Won't Boot With Two. Please

Ubuntu Mate, 16.04. I have two monitors, Desktop monitor (DVI), and HDTV (D-Sub VGA). I have the dreaded AMD APU (HD 6410D).

I have to boot with only my computer monitor, then hook up the TV. Everything works fine. When I boot back up, I get a computer screen with “mate” on it. I get a panel on top with just the shutdown button. TV has no signal.

I understand amd has some problems (boy do I know!), but my set up is supported.

Why is it that it will work, but can’t get it to stick when I reboot?

How can we fix it so it will boot up working?

Thank you,

Yeah so not sure what could be causing this.
Have you tried to use the nomodeset kernel boot argument?

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Hi @happydog500,

have you checked your monitor(s) in the display preferences manager? (Control Centre > Hardware > Display):

Yes, I do check my monitors in Displays. I hook up the monitor, go to “displays”, check to make my computer monitor “primary”, everything works fine. On next boot up, it’s back to the way it was, not working.
That’s what I was talking about, it doesn’t stay working. The checks are still where there supposed to be, it just doesn’t work.