Memory Issue After Distro Upgrade

Hi fellow MATE-heads,

I was hoping someone would enlighten me as to how to correct this little problem. A third family member finally upgraded the distro, today, and the memory/ram usage is sort of crazy. :scream:

After additionally checking out the system monitors of the two which had upgraded weeks ago, it became apparent that this has happened to all three rigs.

The screenshot below shows the memory issue; and to the right of the memory section - the 'waiting units' etc., area shows the discrepancy.

Please tell me how to get these three machines back to the low-ram state - and put these 'waiting units' values back where they should be. :sweat_smile:

(Both images represent a fresh boot - from the same machine - right before and right after the upgrade)

Hi Mated. What version of UM are you now running following the upgrade?

Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back! :slight_smile:

My sister, who lives two States away, is on Thanksgiving holiday this weekend (she was kind enough to send me the screenshots) - so I will not be able to get the lowdown on all until Monday.

Let me ask you, though, if the 'Waiting Units was formally showing zero - and then after the upgrade mainly: SyS_poll; what can be set to get these vaules back to the original state? :sweat_smile:

That, I am not sure about I am afraid. The reason I ask what version of UM it is, though, is because of the horrible Samba bug that was in UM and other Debian based distros up till around a couple of months back. This made the CPU run at full tilt as well as hot as hell. However, the latest version of UM (16.04) down-loadable from the site has got rid of this problem.

It's actually "Waiting Channel" and "Units": two different columns.
Btw this is a screenshot from 16.04:

Thanks @stevecook172001 and @ouroumov, for the Samba tip, screenshot, etc.

Well, it seems to be a new, wierd, thing; but I’ve been poking around on the net - and there is a little of this-and-that. So I will post something here if I get lucky.

In the mean time, take care! :smile:

It seems very likely this is an upgrade from 16.04 LTS to 16.10, I think this increase in memory usage is normal.

  • GTK3 uses more memory than GTK2 anyway, as far as I know.
  • Both GTK2 and GTK3 toolkits may be residing in memory -- whereas a clean install of 16.10 would only have GTK3.

All the default applications and components started in the default Ubuntu MATE 16.10 configuration use GTK3 only, none use GTK2. So only one toolkit is resident in memory, not two as in Ubuntu MATE 16.04.


After exhaustive research - with very, very little to glean - I ended up hypothesizing such, @lah7. :smirk:

Thank you tremendously for bringing an expert touch to the bargain; it is a big relief to figure out that there is not a darker element to the heavy ram, at boot, scenario! :smile: