MESHMIXER problem install

I am new on ubuntu mate… :smiley: and i cant install these pactage from autodesk that i use to prepare files to 3d print…

Some one as installed these ?

Are you running 14.04? Meshmixer has a depends problem with a newer version.

And that's as far as I can test, I'm not running 14.04.

Are you getting install or depends errors?

The version shown on their website is 64 bit only, do you have a 64 bit system?. :smiley:

yup … im on 64 bit…

the problem is the dependencies…

Are you running 14.04 and what depends?

I have 15.10 installed …

You may be able to force the version that you need using synaptic.

From what I see, libreoffice could be affected, but that may not be a problem.

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Make a note of any missing dependencies and look for them here and install them first!:

ok i will try out using other version

I think that meshmixer should be made aware of this. They need to update.

close source… nahh is not going to happen … :smiley:

I think i am going to intall mate 14.04