Close, Hide and Unmaximize. I've been using some Mac style stuff for years and wanted something different from that. The lazy eyes with lids are focused _normal, the more open ones are _prelight. Then each of them explodes or implodes when pressed.






That’s pretty cool. :D

I’m afraid the idea is very much better than the actual outcome… I need to fiddle around somewhat more. It’s about how they look at rest and what happens when cursor arrives. Maybe they should all be grey in their normal state or completely shut? Maybe there should be x, - and + on closed eyelids, only opening when prelight? Maybe I should invest some more time in making the eyelids? I had some idea about making like shutters but I dropped that one.

I also have some vague idea about some brass thing that would function in a steampunk concept. I’d probably use these ise but framed into brass and made more robotic. Edges of eyelids maybe riveted to the sides of the eye? I’d like to make a full steampunk environment with a Mac4Lin theme as foundation. Then I can replace the pixmaps one by one. The big thing will be the icons… Modifying some 150 pictures one by one, then save them all in eight sizes. Some 1200… Any way - the buttons will probably come more naturally in a specific context.

Those added pictures are ready to use for any one who’d like to try. They only need to be named properly and put into an existing theme, replacing the normal ones. I now use them with some kind of Ambience, but I’d like the title bar lower which would require scaling the buttons down a bit. Probably also modified to be visible in smaller scale.

Nice. This should be easy to handle in emerald. Though, I wonder if emerald for Compiz 0.9 still causes the mailcap problem…

I made metacity theme

try it if you like

[Update] 14 October 2019
new theme added

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