Migrate UbuntuMate using deja-dup, disk image or clean install?

Hi all!
I have 20.04.3 5.4.0-89-generic x86_64 MATE 1.24.0 in an HPt630, on an M.2 SATA SSD with a GPT partition table. The installation was done booting the mini.iso and formatting GUID partition table the disk, from a MultiSystem USB-flash with a MBR partition table, so now I am not sure if the M.2 has a real GUID Partition Table.
I use it for more than a month and customized it a lot so far and installed packages. Now I want to migrate the OS keeping it as it is, to an OptiPlex3070micro, on an M.2 NVMe SSD.
Would it be enough to do a clean install with the mini.iso ( booting an iso9660 formatted USB-flash, it is the only format I sucesfuly booted at the OptiPlex ) and restore my settings with deja-dup, just using a /home back-up and install the missing packages, or do I need to back-up additional directories from /? E.g. there are directories in /root, should I back-it-up to save admin settings? Will it work at last?
I suppose taking a disk image, writing it to the OptiPlex and editing fstab with a LiveUSB wouldn't be right, because the hardware is different, although I had moved / HDDs to different motherboards in the past, I am not sure anyway.
Or do I have to do a clean install and set everything from the beginning?
Thanks for any thoughts!

Not sure if this answers your question, but:

I frequently move disks from motherboard to motherboard without having to modify anything, it will just boot up and work. I don't know why you couldn't just image the disk and restore to the new machine.

Hope that helps.

@mdd12 Helps, thank you! Until now I have moved disks from Intel to Intel motherboards, but now it is AMD to Intel (forgot to mention earlier), for that I am not totally sure. I will try disk-image first, checking Additional drivers in Software & Updates and see.
In general I 'd like to know what is needed for migration using deja-dup, for the occasion of different versions of Ubuntu, or even Ubuntu<->Debian.

AMD to Intel is no problem, I've done it many times. I haven't used Gnome Disks (under accessories) imager but I trust it works well. I usually just use DD but don't recommend it without warnings.

Best of luck

@mdd12 Thanks again! I will try Gnome Disks and I hope the GPT-MBR thing goes well.