Mint-Y is pretty okay

I’ve been using the Ard derivative theme for Linux Mint Sarah called Mint-Y, so far it’s been fine. I’m using the dark version of it, but I feel like it’s acking some interface elements in the dark version, and the darker version doesn’t even work.

aI would write a tutorial about installing it but I’m information-deficient about it and only trying it out. If you’d like, just download and install these packages;

You might also need to do sudo apt install gnome-standard-themes to remove trhe dumb message about adwaita missing. After all of that, select one of trhe Mint-Y themes (Regular or dark, since for me darker isn’t working) and enjoy.

I’m also using Costale’s PPA for folder colors (ppa:costales/folder-color), from that install caja-folder-color (or if you’re a nut like I am, nemo-folder-color) from there and set global color to green.

I also use Compiz with Emerald, Ordinary Shiki Wise from looks pretty good with Mint-Y dark, though not an exact match like Ordinary Black Glass with Mint-X is (shame).