MintMenuAppletFactory error when run video with vlc

i guys often when i run video with vlc or other player the system freeze and i must force restart the pc in /var/log/syslog i find this

May 22 12:28:54 stefano-desktop org.mate.panel.applet.MintMenuAppletFactory[4431]: [Child 4431, Main Thread] WARNING: JSWindowActorChild::SendRawMessage (Conduits, ConduitClosed) not sent: !CanSend() || !mManager || !mManager->CanSend(): file /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/dom/ipc/jsactor/JSWindowActorChild.cpp:57
but if i youse firefox for see a video example mp4 go perfect why ?
anyone have solution my system is full upgraded all is last version (by market and updater of mint )

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Welcome @stefano_cerbioni to the community!

I think this error happens with Linux Mint, not Ubuntu MATE. I see that someone, probably you, have posted in Mint's forum, giving more information and getting some answers. But I don't think we are close to identify the error. If it's exclusive of Mint, then, you can move to MATE and give a try.