Mirroring to multiple drives

Hi Community and everyone,

I'd like to ask for some question that I'm breaking my brain, but don't need really an emergency help. Maybe is a silly question. Supposing using 2 usb drives, same model, same cloned partition inside, although of course different flash firmware.
It's possible to reproduce or mirror same tasks in both drives at a time or from one to another automatically? Please not do cp, delete, rename, on one (1 action) and then repeat again same action, dd or sync to the other one (1 more action minimum).

Trying to script this mirroring one to another, that may include any action inside (copy, delete, rename, change date, permissions, etc) is not so easy like I thought. Rsync sounds like best choice, but don't want to schedule or leave usb permanently plugged, repeating sync every minute and increasing CPU unnecessary. And less syncing lots of GB to the cloud, I prefer it be done locally. Better I'd like system recognize both drives like one, working with together at once simultaneously, multiplying writing destinations (metaphysics?).

At this point, I've only arrived here in cp example:

read A # here Drag&Drop file

B=$(echo $A | sed 's/'"'"'//g')

echo "/usb1/ /usb2/" | xargs -n 1 cp -v "$B"

Parallel and tee seems to do similar job. But into script have to input every action and file from terminal. Rsync could efficiently sync more than one destination nearly at once, but this is not really fast direct way I'd like, if there's another possibility.
In fact, agree understand intrinsically "how" one single destination works in any drive software command task, and if it can be really automatically replicated to more than one drive destination, not to be cloned or synced later with another action.

Any skilled, creative or fool comment is accepted.