Missing indicators in indicator applet

Hi, A few days ago I uninstalled celluloid and orca reader couse I never use it, this using gnome software aplication (tryed to uninstall rhythmbox but it noticed me is not possible becouse of dependencies). Later I noticed this:

  1. orca was not uninstalled, so manually uninstall using terminal
  2. when I tryed to shut down my pc using alt+f4 nothing happened, go to the menu push turn off and a notification says mate session manager is mising. latter I just installed it using terminal
  3. The reason I'm here. indicator applet shows only notification indicator, the indicators of wifi, sound, time and other aplications desapeared.

Anyone knows how can I recovery the rest of indicators? the problems mentioned was caused by unisntalling orca and celluloid o by using gnome software?
Thanks for your help

Did you try to do a right-click on your panel and reset it ?

yes, that was one of the fist things I did

That's interesting. My 20.10 and 21.04 installs (upgraded from 20.04) NEVER had working indicators, but the 20.04 install itself was fine.

I do tend to remove orca, but that machine never got any real use prior to the upgrades, so I doubt I'd gotten round to it yet - and like I say, 20.04 itself was fine - so I doubt this is the same problem, but it's an interesting coincidence at a minimum.

I don't have anything useful to add re your problem though, sorry.
I think there is no chance at all that uninstalling either of those packages "really" took the indicators away, so I expect you're looking at a variation of the same bug I had. But I wiped that machine right afterwards and didn't bother trying to figure out what had caused the breakage.