Move windows without their content

hello, I would like to have windows that can be moved or resized without showing their content.
when you move it or resize it, , you actually see a rectangle that you put where you want, then the windows is redrawn with its content in the new position or size.
is this feature possible on MATE 16?

Hi @satiropan.

It’s in System-> Preferences -> Look and Feel -> Mate Tweak, 2nd option under Windows. This is not available for Compiz but I’ll assume you’re using the default Marco window manager.


ank you; I did s you sid; but it hs a strange behaviour.
s soon as I try to move a window, I see the line square of the windov move little, but then it freezes, then fter a couple of seconds, the display goes off, black screen, then I see again the video, then black again, then again video for 3 or 4 seconds, then again as before in a loop, no mouse movement is possible nd I can exit from this only turning the mac mini off (unplugging ac.