Moving configs to 15.10

I’m now dual booting 15.04 and 15.10 Alpha. What config files should I copy over?

Firefox, Chrome - If copy over the config files will that bring my extensions and addons? Or does that run through the indvidual sync services?

Themes & Icons - What is the directories I would copy over for these?

Firefox and Chrome are easy to migrate. If you copy over


you get everything, including passwords for the synchronisation services and any passwords entered into extensions. (I copy these folders to an encrypted memory stick which gives me a quick backup and restore).

You might just have to log out then into Chrome again after this (occasionally the “hamburger” icon turns orange and prompts to log in again).

I’m not sure about themes, which I just recreate. There are quite a lot of folders in ~/.config (and also ~/.*) and I suspect that a combination of those will do the job.

Themes and icons depend on where they are installed:

If they are local:


If they are installed system-wide:


Note that Ubuntu MATE’s defaults are also in these directories, and may cause conflicts/duplicates if you override 15.04’s version of 15.10 if they are differences.